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T. Gargour & Fils SAL

Company Overview

The Mercedes-Benz brand has a long and rich heritage in Lebanon

The Mercedes-Benz brand has a long and rich heritage in Lebanon. Mercedes-Benz Lebanon is part of T. Gargour & Fils (TGF), a private and family owned subsidiary of Gargour Holding. TGF first began its collaboration with Mercedes-Benz in the 1930s to later be awarded the Mercedes-Benz franchise in 1954. Since introducing the first Mercedes-Benz car to the Middle East, T.Gargour & Fils has been recognized as the benchmark Mercedes-Benz dealership for the Levant.

T.Gargour & Fils has been a great success story, made possible by the relationships it has built with Mercedes-Benz and its customers. As an authorized Mercedes-Benz passenger and commercial car dealership, T.Gargour & Fils has obtained all the distribution rights for the brands which fall under the umbrella of the Mercedes-Benz Cars Group - Mercedes-Benz, AMG, Maybach and smart.

On behalf of Mercedes-Benz, T.Gargour & Fils has been providing unrivalled commitment to meeting the needs of customers in an ever-growing regional market. The group has been at the forefront of bringing the quality, safety and innovation inspired by an enduring passion - a passion for the pursuit of excellence.